Induction Heating six wire bundles

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Heating six wire bundles

Objective Heating the ends of six wires on a starter motor to remove the electrical varnishes
Material Starter motor with six wire bundles, each wire consists of 3
wires 0.04” (1.0mm) diameter each
Temperature 1202 ºF (650 ºC)
Frequency 297 kHz
Equipment • Power of 20kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing two 0.5μF capacitors for a total of 0.25 μF.
• An induction heating coil, designed and developed specifically for this application.
Process A six position coil with three turn helical coils at each position is used to simultaneously heat 0.8” (20mm) length at the end of each copper wire bundle for 2.5 seconds to burn off the electrical varnish.
Results Induction heating provides:
• Hands-free heating that involves no operator skill for manufacturing.
• Multi-position coil provides simultaneous heating for quicker production times.
• Complete removal of varnish improves electrical performance of connections.
• Even distribution of heating.

heating six wires

heating six wires

PDF: Induction Heating six wire bundles


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