Induction Annealing is a heat treatment in which material is exposed to an elevated temperature and slowly cooled. 
Induction Annealing of the material changes physical properties of the material such as strength and hardness.


  1.    Improved power factor
  2.    Tropicalised design
  3.    Compact size
  4.    Highly adaptable for automation
  5.    Eco-friendly due to noiseless and flameless operation
  6.    No statutory approvals required
  7.    Lesser risk involved compared to conventional methods
  8.    Application Specific
  9.    Uniform annealing with better quality end product
  10.    Lesser Annealing cost comparing to conventional methods
  11.    Faster Annealing cycle
  12.    Higher productivity
  13.    Highest system efficiency
  14.    Auto or manual mode operation

Induction annealing has many benefits. The heat is generated directly in the material, leading to high efficiency and low energy costs. It is also a fast and controllable process, which will improve your throughput. And the heat is very accurate—crucial to meet today's stringent quality standards.


  1.    Annealing of Milk Cans, Oxygen cylinder for neck formation.
  2.    Shell Annealing.
  3.    Annealing of wires.
  4.    Continuous Annealing of copper wires.
  5.    Stainless Steel / Aluminum Utensils
  6.    All Cold Formed Steel Components.
  7.    Stress Relieving.
  8.    Post weld Annealing.
  9.    Annealing of Copper tubes.
  10.    Annealing of knife, blade ends.
  11.    Annealing of brazing wires & Rods.

UIHM Induction offers seam annealing of tube welds and full body annealing of both magnetic and non-magnetic tube products. We also provide integrated induction annealing solutions for steel strip and wire production.
The right heat in the right place reforms the material structure and reduces internal stresses in just the way you want.

 UIHM induction annealing machines are designed to be used for Normalising, Stress relieving and Process Annealing. what is induction annealing

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