Medium frequency vacuum melting furnace

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Induction melting is the process to melt the ferrous and non-ferrous metals for forming applications, tools & component casting and percious metal melting etc.

UIHM Induction Melting Furnace provides very efficient & time saving melting of metals for various applications

This medium frequency induction melting furnace is in vacuum or under the controlled atmosphere condition to melt metallic material (eg. stainless steel,nickel based alloys, copper,alloy steel,nickel,drilled alloy,rare earth neodymium iron etc.), may also carry on the alloy steel vacuum refining processing and the precision casting.

Output Power 20KW~120KW
Input Power 380VAC, 50Hz, Three Phase
Max. Temperature 1700 Celsius Degree
Crucible Capacity 2~50KG (molten steel)
Ultimate Vacuum 6.67X10-3 Pa
Pressure Rise Rate 2Pa/Hour
Frequency 1~20 KHz

Medium frequency vacuum induction melting furnace
Medium frequency vacuum induction melting furnace

PDF: Medium frequency vacuum melting furnace


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  • 2016/6/26 20:21:44Anonymous
    please offer and advice
    titanium milting furnace ,and ceramic powder centring
    2000 C or more
    mobil/watsapp 0020-1009441818
    mail [email protected]
    moh eissa
  • 2013/7/24 17:29:22Anonymous
    I know your induction heater from a friend of mine whom has purchased from your company and confirmed that your induction heating machines are reliable.
    We now want to buy your high frequency induction heating eqiupment in large quantity.
    We will await your response with details, price and quantity that can be made available immediately.
    Best regards
    Denise Lorenz(Email:[email protected])

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