Induction Heating Technology in aerospace

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The purpose of this Tech Note is to demonstrate the advantages of Induction Heating technology like new Nova Star technology for precision induction heating applications. In each section, we will show how a particular aspect of this new technology makes a crucial difference in running a specific process or application successfully.  Today, Induction Heating systems are known worldwide for their speed, reliability and consistency. The new Nova Star technology advances the industry standard for induction heating performance to a new level of costeffective precision.Among the many advantages of the new technology, this document will focus on six: rapid digital tuning, advanced microprocessor control, high frequency operation and closed loop temperature control, as well as the RS-485 interface and flexible remote heat station which are standard with every Nova Star power supply.

In the first section, Nova Star’s rapid digital tuning and high frequency operating range produce faster
throughput and increased production rates in an annealing process for copper crimp connectors. Next, the new technology’s high frequency operation allows induction heating to be used for brazing miniature diamond tips on cutting tools. The Nova Star standard RS-485 interface allows the user to download process data into a computer for statistical process control. The epoxy curing process described in the third section illustrates the benefits of this feature. The next section shows how the Nova Star remote heat station, which can be located up to 200 ft. away from the power supply, offers significant advantages for a conveyor line manufacturing operation. Finally, the fifth section illustrates how closed loop temperature control improves a tempering process for steel punches.


PDF: Induction Heating Technology in aerospace


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