UM-100AB-MF and induction furnace for melting 200KG aluminum

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Induction Reheating Furnace
Unload: Manually/ Auto pouring
Save 30-40% energy
24hours running
Fast melting

200KG aluminum melting induction furnace

Application Industry

Aluminum Die Casting Factory
Aluminum Ingot Manufacturer, Aluminum Waste Melting Industry
Casting Factory
Auto parts manufacturer
Mobile shell, Lamp holder, automatic rice cooker plate

Energy saving Record

Save energy above 50% compared with diesel technology
Save energy 10%-20% compared with resistance technology
Save energy 30% compared with silicon carbide furnace and SCR technology 

Product Detail

Supply two Kinds of furnace for your option, as pictures below.


 Auto pouring: once thermocouple detecting material melted


Technical Parameters

Type(Power Supply) UM-100AB-MF
OutputPower 100KW
OutputFrequency 7-10KHZ
Type(Furnace) UML0.2-100G
Crucible Capacity 200KG
Melting Temperature 720°C
Max. Melting Rate 0.18T/H
Power Input 380V/50Hz 3 phase
VoltageRange 342-430V
Efficiency 90%
Duty Cycle 100%


1. Melting Rate: calculated from second crucible, and affected by the operation of the operator
2. Size of crucible marked as holding weight of Aluminum 

Melting Process


Customer Working Site

Associated with Die casting Machine



1. IGBT technology based Induction power supply/ power unit/generator/ converter
2. Fast melting, high efficiency
3. Good working environment without pollution
4. High reliability, Low Operation cost
    Equipped with UM water cooling system improves reliability
    Perfect protection design improves reliability
5. Special insulation treatment of Inductor improve safety
6. Heating uniformity, less burning, good casting


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