• Induction Annealing Saw blades Type:
    Class: HF Induction Annealing

    Intro: Objective Anneal saw blades used for cutting bread, prior to hole punching.Material .38” (9.6mm) wide and .51” (12.9mm) wide continuous strips of 400 series stainless steel.Temperature 600C (315.6F) for one secondFrequency 229kHzEquipment • UM 6 kW …

  • Induction Annealing Tungsten Rods Type:
    Class: HF Induction Annealing

    Intro: Objective To heat customer-supplied rods of various diameters (0.14 inch to 0.49 inch) to 4170F (2300C) at 2-4 feet per minuteMaterial Tungsten and Molybdenum; Tests are run in an atmosphere of Nitrogen or Hydrogen avoid oxidation of the materials.Tempera

  • Induction Annealing Titanium fasteners Type:
    Class: HF Induction Annealing

    Intro: Objective Heating a titanium fastener to 1100-1450F (593-788C) for an annealing process.Material 0.06” (1.5mm) high zone on a titanium fastener measuring 0.163-0.375” (4.14-9.52mm) in diameter and 0.5-3.0” (12.7-76.2mm) in lengthTemperature 1100-1450F (…

  • Induction Annealing Brazing Wire Type:
    Class: HF Induction Annealing

    Intro: Objective: Anneal a brazing wire for preform production.Material :Copper Nickel Silver 2774 Alloy rod 0.070″ (1.8mm) diameter.Temperature 650F(343.3C)Frequency 281 kHzEquipment • UM-06A-UHF induction heating system equipped with a remote workhead with on…

  • Induction Annealing Thread Ring Type:
    Class: HF Induction Annealing

    Intro: Objective:To selectively and uniformly anneal two sections of a thread ring gage block from the hole to the outside surface from a hardness of Rc 59-61 to Rc 45. The gage blocks are made from O6 steel and range in size from 1″ to 8 1/2″ in diameter and r…

  • Induction Bending And Hot Rolling Type:
    Class: Induction Thermal Treatment

    Intro: Induction Bending And Hot Rolling the 1620mmX40mm steel pipe in the West-East natural gas transmission project.Induction bending is also referred to as hot rolling, but there are some differences between the two processes. Induction bending is an efficien

  • Induction surface Quenching works Type:
    Class: HF Induction Quenching

    Intro: Induction quenching is the process of quenching steel by heating it. It is done by an alternating magnetic field to a temperature above or within a specific transformation range. It is straight away followed by quenching. This procedure of quenching can b

  • Heat Treatment Techniques and Principles Type:
    Class: Induction Heating for Aerospace

    Intro: heat-treatment1Heat Treatment is generally referred to as heating and cooling of different metals in a controlled way in order to amend both of its mechanical and physical properties without altering the shape of the product. The process involves the mate

  • Annealing An Effective Heating Process Type:
    Class: HF Induction Annealing

    Intro: There are different types of heat treatment procedures offered by various companies in the market. Few of them are widely applied and are extremely effective. One of the efficient heat treatment procedures is annealing. This process supports an entire ind

  • Induction Furnace Cost effective and energy efficient Type:
    Class: High Capacity Melting

    Intro: Raising the temperature of the items break down the complexity of the matter and simplifies the tedious process. Heating melts the hard structure of the substances and minutest of the details can be analyzed.There are many alluring shapes of hard metals.

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