custom-design UM-DSP300AB-MF air cooled DSP induction heater

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Main type of DSP Air Cooled Induction Heating Machines:

Type Output Power Input Current Output Frequency Input Voltage
UM-DSP20AB-HF/UM-DSP20A-HF 20KVA 43A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP30AB-HF/UM-DSP30A-HF 30KVA 51A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP40AB-HF/UM-DSP40A-HF 40KVA 68A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP60AB-HF/UM-DSP60A-HF 60KVA 101A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP80AB-HF/UM-DSP80A-HF 80KVA 135A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP100AB-HF/UM-DSP100A-HF 100KVA 164A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP120AB-HF/UM-DSP120A-HF 120KVA 203A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP160AB-HF/UM-DSP160A-HF 160KVA 270A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP240AB-HF/UM-DSP240A-HF 240KVA 406A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP320AB-HF/UM-DSP320A-HF 320KVA 540A 30KHz~100KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP20AB-MF/UM-DSP20A-MF 20KVA 43A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP30AB-MF/UM-DSP30A-MF 30KVA 51A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP40AB-MF/UM-DSP40A-MF 40KVA 68A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP60AB-MF/UM-DSP60A-MF 60KVA 101A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP80AB-MF/UM-DSP80A-MF 80KVA 135A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP100AB-MF/UM-DSP100A-MF 100KVA 164A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP120AB-MF/UM-DSP120A-MF 120KVA 203A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP160AB-MF/UM-DSP160A-MF 160KVA 270A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP240AB-MF/UM-DSP240A-MF 240KVA 406A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase
UM-DSP320AB-MF/UM-DSP320A-MF 320KVA 540A 1KHz~20KHz 380VAC/3 Phase

Main Parameters of DSP Air Cooled Induction Heating Machines:

Item Description Remark
Output Power 20KW ~ 320KW
Output Frequency 1KHz~20KHz Medium Frequency
30KHz~100KHz High Frequency
Output Power Scope 1~100%  
Closed-Loop Control Stability  0.5%
Efficiency ≥95% including isolation transformer
Power Factor ≥0.90  
Over Load Ability 1.1 times of 1 minute  
IP level IP20  
Cooling Type air cooled for main machine and transformer water cooled or air cooled for induction coil
Environment Temperature -20℃~40℃ 0-100% load
40℃~55℃ output power derated
Environment Humidity ≤95% non condensing
Altitude ≤1500 meter output power derated when higher than 1500m

UM-DSP300AB-MF air cooled DSP induction heater
UM-DSP300AB-MF air cooled DSP induction heater

Applications of UM DSP Air Cooled induction heating machines

Air Cooled clamp coil (half-open coil) by air cooled induction heater UM-DSP80AB-HF induction coating by air cooled clamp induction coil
induction preheating D5000mm end ring for welding by 2 UM-DSP80A-HF at the same time induction preheating D1219mm pipeline for welding by UM-DSB80AB-MF air cooled induction heater and induction coil and 5~30 meter flexible connection cable
induction unassemble 2Ton guard ring of turbine induction preheating and heat treatment after welding for 600MW turbine
induction preheating and heat treatment for 18Ton control valve of 600MW turbine induction preheating and heat treatment after welding for 600MW turbine by UM-DSP air cooled machines at same time
induction hot drawing of turbine induction heating injection mold of notebook computer (laptop)
induction brass soldering stator ends of wind driven generator within 2 seconds induction preheating steel pipeline

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