tubular Induction brazing wires

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Made from seamless tubular wire This ensures consistent flux to wire ratio and is especially important in the fabrication of pre-forms.
Competitors' products are made from folded sheets and flux may be lost during fabrication or during transport.
Our flux cored tubular brazing wires are made from seamless tubes, hence no loss of flux.
Less flux required 
There is no loss of flux or unnecessary used flux as the needed quantity is adapted to the filler metal consumption.
Less labour required 
Traditional applications require that the flux has to be applied first and then the wire or rod. By combining flux and filler metal only one process step is required,
saving both time and effort.tubular Induction brazing wiresImproved quality of work 
The constant flux to wire ratio of our tubular brazing wires reduces wastage of both materials in the production process and assures a better quality of the joints.
Our clients have reported better efficiency and a better quality output.
No post-braze cleaning required
Our tubular brazing wires contain non-corrosive flux.

 As a result there is no cleaning required after brazing.
L6 Less water treatment cost Without post-braze cleaning, there is also less water contamination which decreases your company's water treatment costs.
Jl Increased savings = more profit
With our tubular brazing wires, you save time, labour, material and treatment costs. These savings contribute
to increased profit.

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