Cadmium in silver soldering or brazing

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Silver (hard) soldering or brazing is a very versatile means of making joints by using a fusible alloy as a filler material between similar or dissimilar parent materials.
Temperatures above 620°C are applied, usually by handheld flame torch or another heating device, eg induction
or electrical heater/furnace, to melt the filler material into a capillary gap between the parent materials and create
a suitable bond.
Such joints are invariably leak proof, will withstand vibration, tensile and torsional loading, and maintain integrity at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures.
When well selected and applied, they can also resist attack to a wide range of corrosive environments.
Because of these excellent properties and ability to join dissimilar materials, silver solder alloys are used in practically every branch of the metal fabrication industry.

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